Plastic gutter covers cant last the distance like Guttermesh

Our team at Guttermesh are removing more and more Plastic gutter covers on recent jobs than before. With a lot of inferior plastic gutter cover products in todays market I am reminded of an old saying my grand father told me ‘ A poor man pays twice’. I never really knew the true meaning of it until now. Basically he was saying pay for quality and you don’t have to pay again when a cheaper product fails. I am a firm believer that when you do a job its worth doing it right the first time.

Can Plastic gutter covers last the distance of metal gutter guards?

The answer is simply no. Plastic gutter covers will never have the same life in them as their metal counterparts. Its simple really when you look at the materials in a high UV environment compared to plastic, metal Guttermesh is far superior to plastic gutter covers. Plastics have no bushfire rating where our Aluminium and stainless steel if fire resistant. If you want a product to last the distance and get good value for your money click here for a quote today.