Gutter Guards can protect your home from fire.

In todays climate we are faced with a lot of bushfires here in Australia especially around the summer months. Gutter Guards help protect your home from the build up of leaves and sticks in gutters and valleys on your roof, creating the perfect environment for a fire. In a bushfire situation there is almost always windy conditions. These winds carry hot embers to your rooftop in turn igniting the built up debris in your gutters and valleys.

What can Gutter Guards do to protect my home?

You can install a gutter guard protection system that is bushfire compliant. At gutter mesh all our gutter guard is bushfire compliant to the highest bushfire attack level. If you are building a new home you will also need to comply with council regulations for Bushfire prone areas. Click here for a free quote

What is a BAL rating (bushfire Attach Level)

BAL ratings are assessed when building a new home. Council determine what Bushfire Attack Level your new comes under and weather it requires gutter guards. For further info regarding Bushfire Attack Levels click here